Month: December 2015

A Cream Pie Too Far

The *Podcast Not Included crew go where no decent podcast has gone before. They briefly discuss the newest Star Wars film before throwing the show into hypervdrive and discussing porn preferences by geographic region and nationality. There’s a desperate attempt to steer the podcast back to legitimacy through discussion of geopolitical matters but to no… Read more »

Where Art Thou Art?

The hosts discuss and lament the announcement that Art Bell is going to shutter Midnight In The Desert. Will he return? Nope. That bridge over the Rubicon has been crossed, burnt, nuked, buried and encased in concrete then nuked again. The truth hurts. Deal with it. Hugs, *Podcast Not Included hosts

Pancreas Not Included

The first show after Thanksgiving and three out of four hosts agree. All that feasting really takes a toll. Jaz just wishes he could have joined in. Jaz … I saved some pumpkin pie for you. Don’t get too blue. *Podcast Not Included might well be the first podcast to be diagnosed with Adult Onset… Read more »